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Korean BBQ Chicken Kebabs


1 Box 18 - 20 oz (or 1/2 of a 40 oz clubstore box) Crazy Cuizine Korean BBQ Chicken (frozen)
2 Green Bell Peppers (cut into pieces)
2 Red Bell Peppers (cut into pieces)
1 Large Onion (cut into pieces)
8-10 Skewers (pre-soak wooden ones in water for 20 minutes before using)


Defrost chicken just enough to skewer chicken pieces

Alternate pieces on each skewer – piece of Chicken, Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, and Onion until skewers are full

Heat grill to medium and cook Kebab Skewers for 10-12 minutes – until fully cooked – brushing generously with the Korean BBQ sauce (included in Crazy Cuizine box) while cooking

Serve with Cooked Rice or other Side Dishes