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At Day-Lee Foods, we’re CRAZY about Good Food.  Our Mission is to provide consumers with the Best Tasting, Highest Quality Entrees, Side Dishes, and Appetizers that we can, all at a reasonable value.  Our goal is to bring the “Joy of Eating” to individuals and families every day.

We bring this “joy” to consumers in 2 ways – through our Crazy Cuizine brand, and also through our Day-Lee Pride brand.  While Crazy Cuizine focuses on traditional Asian/American cuisine that’s distributed in grocery stores, superstores, and club stores – our Day-Lee Pride product line focuses on authentic Japanese and Asian cuisine distributed through Asian grocery stores, independent grocers, and some mainstream grocery chains as well and can be found through the Day-Lee Pride Where To Buy webpage.

From millions of people who’ve tried, and who eat our food every week, we routinely get comments like:

“BETTER than Restaurant-Quality Entrees”

“A great Value.  Crazy Cuizine provides the Meat & Sauce – I can customize the meal with my own meat and vegetables, and save money by doing so”

“Delicious tasting Asian meals I can take from my freezer, and have dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes”

“Products my whole Family loves – especially your Mandarin Orange Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken”

That’s why we continue to work daily on providing consumers with the foods and flavors they want, in the way they’ve asked us:

  • More Meat – Less Breading:  Our goal for our breaded chicken or beef items is usually 70% meat, and 30% breading.  This is far more meat and less breading than many other companies making Asian Food.

  • More Meat – Less Sauce: Most of our entrees are 2/3’s meat, and only 1/3 sauce.  Consumers tell us they buy us because they get more meat per box or bag than with other brands.

  • Tender chicken breast meat:  Some companies offer less expensive dark meat, but at Day-Lee Foods, our customers tell us they want premium chicken breast meat.  So we dice, bread or steam, and package all our meat and products in-house (Santa Fe Springs, CA) – with almost all American made ingredient suppliers.

  • Bigger Piece Sizes:   At Day-Lee Foods, we deliver more big pieces, and fewer small pieces of meat (called “fines”) than many others.  Small pieces are usually higher in breading, with less chicken or beef inside.  Bigger pieces are what give you greater value (meat, not breading), and a better, restaurant-quality eating experience.

In summary, at Day-Lee, we believe you “get what you pay for”!  That’s why we’re not willing to compromise on Taste, Quality, or Value.  And we always stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. 

Finally, Day-Lee and Crazy Cuizine have been successful because of great consumers like YOU!  So we want to THANK YOU for your continued purchases, and say we strive to keep earning your trust and patronage every day.